Miguel Antunes is a young Portuguese writer with an old soul. His poems are unique, inspired by the source that connects the human spirit.

A storyteller, a pathfinder that leads you on a ride through insanity and sanity of human behaviors.

He's the co-founder of Lispoetas, a poetry event in Lisbon that happens every two Sundays in a traditional Portuguese tavern.

This event is a gathering of poets reciting poetry to share the art of words with the public. Miguel has been active in developing the arts scene in Lisbon and participating in different events around the capital.

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He's a Poetry Slam winner.

His performances have an enigmatic power, more than a poet, he is an artist who loves the Blues, joining both worlds, Poetry, and Blues. His passion took him to open mic stages in Manchester, Paris, and Berlin, where he had the chance to play along with other musicians.

In 2019 he competed in a contest by the singer, songwriter, musician Amanda Palmer. His poetry was read by Amanda and her husband Neil Gaiman. Both cherished his words.

He was invited to create a video for a Brazilian school to help kids under five years old understand the meaning of poetry.
A poet who dreams about being a guide in this strange labyrinth that is life.

His book is yet to be published, but in time, it will come.

Miguel Antunes

Poet and Performer