Performing at Resistência

I've been away from the internet for the last few days. Moving to a new house is sacking all my precious time. But the effort is rewarding. It feels good to have my place of creation. An office that allows me to work on my new poetry and plans for the future. It lacks a proper chair, as we're still waiting for the chairs we ordered to arrive. Meanwhile, I can swing back and forth while I write, think, contemplate the mind.

I present to you my workplace.

Despite being busy with the moving, last Thursday I had a performance at Resistência. A cozy bar in Lisbon. A few minutes before starting the show, I was listening to Nick Cave's new album, Ghosteen. GOD!

The premiere was running at the same time as I was on stage performing my poetry. For 40 minutes we delved in the journey, Luís O Brito joined me on stage during some tracks, playing the didgeridoo or the hypnotic hang drums. People chanted along with the words, their stoned eyes hanging from skull sockets.

The night passed swiftly, the next day came with more moving matters.

It was joyful to play in Resistência, I want to thank Bernardo for the opportunity.

Miguel Antunes

Poet and Performer