From lone nights to kind nights

This week I had two performances around Lisbon. A cold one, a warm one. Both special.

At A Sala, I had one person that came from Sintra to listen to my poetry. He was the only one in the room - not counting with Brunna and Carmen, a friend of ours - paying attention to my words, enjoying the show. Francesco, an Italian poet, who read about the event on social media and decided to check it out. 

The night finished with us searching for a place to have ice cream, only to find it closed.

It felt good to have someone who came from far away to attend my performance, but at the same time, I was eager to have more audience. The little demon we all have in our heads, leaped inside my mind to advise me to drop everything. You're not good enough, he told. But I had to shake these thoughts. More performances were coming, and the plan was to keep on working.

Friday arrived with great news. The day was set to be a pleasant one. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds announced two dates in Lisbon. I signed company papers to add more time to my sabbatical in that same morning. It was Carmen's birthday, Brunna and I had lunch with her. Around 21:00, I'd have my performance at Ler Por Aí.

Eight people gathered around the improvised stage. Some were having tea, others drinking wine, beer lovers, and starving travelers joined as well, feeding their bellies.  A slice of an orange cake covered in chocolate eaten by those who love the sweetness in their life. I, piloting the boat through seas, taking the crew on a journey. Some chanted, some closed their eyes on every sharp word coming out of the captain's mouth.

One hour later we all docked in the endless land of words, only to find we had to go back to reality. But a brighter one. Full of dreams and enchantments. The Autumn night turned warm and passionate. Now the STAY-CONNECTED performance will move to other seas, to meet different crews and give them a piece of this land.



Miguel Antunes

Poet and Performer