Berlin, the outcome

Berlin is glorious! There's a feeling of goodness when performing in such a multicultural city.

I arrived in Berlin on the 18th. Had a late dinner with my cousin who lives there, then we went home to rest. The day after I had a morning meeting with Sérgio to define what would happen on the day of the performance, Saturday.

Sérgio is a Brazilian man, but I would call him a walking encyclopedia. I was perplexed by his knowledge and philosophy studies. Some of his inputs were inspiring to listen, the project he planned to present in Berlin had an interesting concept. He was invited to create a bird feeder, but it wasn't just about feeding flying creatures. There was so much more. It was about utopia. Instead of having Big Brother watching us where cameras follow and record us, what if we changed the perspective?

Representing freedom, the bird, and we would invert the scenario and record freedom.

We spoke for hours about different subjects, but if you are curious about his project, and want to learn more, you should check his work at

Oh, and he loves music and progressive rock! Even knows a few bands from the Portuguese 70s scene.

Natalia | Sergio | Miguel - Celebrating the day

Later on, we met Anoosh - the artist - and the team working on the Plastic Whale. The immense garden in front of the German Parliament, Reichstag, held the We4Future camp and that's where the dying plastic whale was living. The next day the whale would open her mouth to let people in to learn more about the cycles of water. This one had eaten some large spoons of plastic, showing where our human trash usually ends.

On the opening whale day, the FridaysForFuture march was happening. I engaged in with some spoken word, right in the middle of the protest. I almost lost my voice if it wasn't for the eucalyptus menthol candies Anoosh's mothers handed me. Oh, the savior! This strike was the largest I ever attended. Around 270k people roamed the streets of Berlin calling for government's actions and solutions. Let's see what's coming, but we won't stop here.

The days in Berlin were never tedious. The city kept on moving, and I became part of the drill. The next day I had my performance. I performed more than once, but this was the only scheduled event I had. All the others happened with me pursuing stages and asking nicely to other people, especially to Mona Glass! A big shout-out to her!

Mona, Mona, Mona!

And Anoosh for getting me the stage on We4Future camp!

Anoosh, Anoosh, Anoosh!

After Sérgio's workshop, where everyone gave a hand to construct a bird feeder, I took the stage. Holding hands to every listener, we rode together through my poetry. The garden with some benches was set to turn this experience into something smooth and beautiful. The following 30 minutes guiding people through my labyrinth of words was an experience of light. That day the weather was bright.

On my five days in the heart of the city, I walked around 100km. Instead of taking public transportation, I wanted to get in touch with the streets and the different districts. It's an experience to repeat. When? I don't know, but I've heard the Endlich festival is going to happen next year!

Miguel Antunes

Poet and Performer