Berlin, here I come (again)

I visited Berlin last year in November. The city was cold. I wasn't prepared for it, didn't bring the clothes I needed. I had to go shopping for warm vests wearing layers of friend's coats and jackets. I bought a beanie hat and got out of the store with a reddish scarf around the neck. I was ready to rock the city.

The next day we found a Russian bar called Primitiv, where I played some blues with a musician we met hours before in the freezing streets. That improv opened the chance to play a gig the next day. It was my first gig ever, where I sang for some solid thirty minutes.

My poetry rocked the crowd leaving me speechless. That feeling of delivering something that someone is interested in made me think about what I wanted. And I wanted more of that.

Mona Glass was on the small crowd that day, eyeing my performance from up-close. She enjoyed it, and at the beginning of 2019, she invited me to be part of a festival in Berlin. The Endlich Festival, a utopia festival with lots of workshops about ways of saving mother earth.

Months later she asked me if I could write the poem for the festival's poster, which I did. The poem was accepted becoming part of the movement. I bought the airplane tickets to get to Berlin.

A month before getting into the airplane, I got a notice saying the festival was postponed. There was a plan B though, joining the march Fridays For Future on the 20th of September was part of it.

With a scheduled plan, I've been spending the last days before the trip preparing my website and getting my set-list of poems ready to participate in the events. I'll take with me some words of power to Berlin, and something more in the bag for another event that will happen in KULTURFABRIK Moabit.

You can check the event page on Facebook following this link:

A poem - haiku - I wrote in Berlin, November 2018

STOLPERSTEINE Dead Autumn leaves Lie over old fallen heroes Cold memories breath

Miguel Antunes

Poet and Performer