Virtue | Curse

This video was shot in the heart of the city, between Cais do Sodré and Santos. Sunny Breger had some days around Lisbon and invited me to do some poetry while she was recording. The sky was grey, it started to rain moments after, we were wet but happy. We had thirty minutes to shoot this, as we had an event later on in "A Obra", where I had the chance to present my work.


You are a friend of a friend
from whom you got all your tales
You are the poet who makes the final call,
who nods when the words prevail

You've been a gambler
tossing the dices on the unfair ground
You who took your chances with the hookers
in their own open playground

You are a virtue as you
Might be a curse
You are a virtue as you
Might a curse

You are an old army soldier
fighting wars that are not yours
You who shaken & trembled in trenches
Under fire of the enemy

You are a Masai warrior
hoping for peace
But you never achieved bliss,
not without your wife's kiss

You are a virtue as you
Might be a curse
You are a virtue as you
Might a curse

You follow orders from your leaders
never wondering for an explanation
But all those actions may bring down
all your beloved nations

You are a king who swears to protect
all your people
Beheading and burning all those who have
different beliefs

You are a virtue as you
Might be a curse
You are a virtue as you
Might a curse

You are a sinner heading to the local church
to repent
God's words appear as a vision of you
living in a convent

You are a living saint who committed perjury
but history couldn't find out

You kept all your lies hidden until your death meant canonization

You are a virtue as you
Might be a curse
You are a virtue as you
Might a curse

Poetry for kids

This video comes with a request from a school in Brazil. I wrote a poem to be read by a 4-year-old girl in that same school. The teacher liked the idea so much that she challenged me to create this video with a brief explanation of what poetry is. It was exhibited in the class and will be used as background material to teach the theme of poetry to 4-year-olds.


Peixe peixinho

Peixe do mar

Vem à areia

Ver o luar


Peixe peixinho

Do fundo do mar

Vem até mim

Vem viajar


Labora peixinho

Audácia do mar

Rema valente

Até me alcançar


Lindo peixinho

Agora no mar

Retorna sozinho

Ao teu lugar

Naughty Night Birds

Sunny Breger - a German cineast and a friend - shot this piece of art in the streets of Lisbon. We walked through Alfama searching for the narrow corners and beautiful colorful walls to film. The bright Spring sun over our heads shone, we stopped for a "ginjinha" - a traditional Portuguese liqueur - here and there, stepping deep into the life of Alfama. Some days after she rang me saying the sound wasn't well recorded, but lucky enough we recorded this one too.

I lay myself down in the sun,

Waiting for the overcome in mother Earth

Playing solitaire games in the Holy rays,

with booze as a companion


As you run your busy lives,

carrying the child

The burden of birth

While you wait for the almighty grace,

Hiding in valleys or canyons


Oh look at those birds

Naughty night birds


I look from up above to the shore down below

Just to see you naked

As you wash your sins away,

The ocean water works its ways


I'm coming home! I'm one, I am back.

I am one, you and I and me and you

And I and me! I can't complain, no more pain,

I'm heading home! I'm coming home


"Suicide! The most artistical way of living."

Miguel Antunes

Poet and Performer